Birthday Ramblings

There is a rumor going around that I had a birthday this weekend.  I’m not going to say they are telling lies, but if anyone asks I celebrated 30 happy years.

I’ve had that birthday a few times.

Since birthdays matter a little bit less every year you get older, it is easy to let the day just slip by.  Though this wasn’t a milestone birthday, I still feel as if I should have some thoughts about another passing year.

So, here goes…

  1. Given a few hours to myself, I chose to do something I never get to do without a deadline, tagalong or agenda: I headed to the library to wander the aisles and plan.  (I know, I’m such a party animal.)  Since I do a lot of reading throughout the year, I need to have a running list of titles to read (don’t even LOOK at my to-be-read pile!)  Honestly, it was delightful.
  2. If I had my choice I would get to see a very dear friend and grab coffee or better, brunch.  Since that didn’t work out this year, it was great to get to still see friends while we celebrated my son for his fourth birthday.  I had my birthday the day after my son was born and though a hospital stay isn’t how I prefer celebrations, this was one event worth the stay.  Now it has turned into a week long bonanza–which never disappoints.
  3. Simple fun.  That was the theme for my son’s party this year.  Pjs and Pancakes worked like a charm.  Everyone comes first thing in the morning in their best pjs and stays to enjoy delicious pancakes (everyone got to make their own pancakes!).  Kids are super pumped about mini chocolate chips, sprinkles and whipped cream and parents were happy with lots of bacon and hot coffee.  Simple basement games and a pinata later, and everyone was sugared up, tired and ready for naps.
  4. A bit of warning: Having a bit of extra time before dinner I decided to wander a store in which I had a gift card to see if there was anything that looked enticing.  As I walked in, I noticed some really nice bathing suits, good quality, cute, and very reasonable in price.  (Do you see where this going??)
    People, it is January.  My skin hasn’t seen the light of day in months.  It is post-Christmas cookie and New Years toasting season.  I was recovering from a carb-loaded, sugar topped pancake breakfast.  Let me be very clear: under no circumstances should you think this is a good idea.  No matter how cute, how reasonable or how planning-ahead you are, DO NOT try on bathing suits.  In January.  After pancakes.  ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.
    Please learn from my lesson, friends.
  5. With a special babysitter in town, my husband and I had an opportunity to go out for dinner.  Since much of our dating life was spent on the busy streets of downtown Chicago, we always love to reminisce over great sushi.  And since this wasn’t my first 30th birthday, we made it home by 10:30 and were asleep before midnight.

Not a bad way to spend a day, right?  30

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?  What makes your birthday feel like a true celebration?  If you shared your birthday with someone, how do you make the day special for both of you?

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