Creature Comforts: January 2018

Happy Friday, everyone!

Once a month I like to compile a list of my favorite articles, products or simple ideas that I think you might like.  Some Creature Comforts are completely random, but that’s why I think they are fun!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these.

1// Fascinating TED talk about the strongest predictors of how long you’ll live your life.  For those of you wondering, weight, exercise are on the bottom of the spectrum, not the top.  Link here.

2// If any of you recall, I HIGHLY recommended this nonfiction/memoir book to you about a neurosurgeon who discovered he had stage 4 terminal lung cancer.  This article tells the story of how a widow and widower found each other in the midst of their grief.  Link here.

Shrimp Fried Cauliflower Rice

3// Ever since I did my own Whole30, I have followed the Whole30 Instagram account.  They highlight Whole30 certified bloggers and people who share their tips and tricks.  This is how I found Healthy Little Peach, a Missouri-based blogger who offers tricks for easy, reasonably priced Whole30 meals that even her toddler will eat.  You will love her southern flair and simple solutions for knocking out your own Whole30 process.  Link here.

 Paloma Matte Blonde Tortoise Polarized

4// If you have been living under a rock and don’t know about Toms, they are a company that donates one pair of shoes for each pair of shoes you purchase.  Their “One for One” motto has spread from just donating shoes into basic needs like water and medical attention for safe deliveries of babies.  One thing I just learned is that now they sell sunglasses on top of their well-known shoe line.  So, if you are preparing to go on vacation or need a new pair for summer, check here first!  Check out their full line of products here.

Blue Pine Valley Hammock

5// This next company also gives back in a very significant way.  Pine Valley Outfitters creates quality products for camping and outdoor leisure and giving half of their proceeds to help the homeless community.  From hammocks, to backpacks and shirts and hats, they have a wide variety of products that would be great gifts.  (As a side note, I hear tons of people laughing at ME recommending this because I am NOT a camper, but I think this company and their mission is so cool I don’t think that matters.)  Check them out here!

Have you tried any of these products?  What have you read lately that impressed you?  What is motivating you lately?