Every Last Lie

Every Last Lie
by Mary Kubica


Genre: Fiction, Thriller

Summary: Clara Solberg is waiting at home with her newborn son for her daughter and husband to return from errands when she hears a knock at her front door.  “There has been an accident,” the police officer says.  Clara’s life falls apart when she hears of her husband’s death but is puzzled when learning her daughter has survived without a scratch.
In the weeks that follow the accident, her daughter Maisie begins having night terrors and talking about “the bad man” that makes Clara believe something else might have happened to her husband.  When Clara starts to ask questions, she finds answers she wasn’t sure she wanted to hear.  But she must keep pressing to find the truth about what…or who…killed her husband.

I was headed on a vacation with my husband for five days.  Alone.  Without packing snacks and toys and a plethora of amusements for toddlers.  It was just going to be the two of us, my book and the beach.

But, therein lies the problem.  What book do I choose?  The decision nearly paralyzes me because I have so many books I want to read.  (To see what I mean, check out my Goodreads profile.  It is so overwhelming, but at the same time, what a delightful problem to have, right?)  In the end, I often choose a thriller in this situation.  The purpose of it being to drive the storyline forward at a pretty quick clip so I knew (hoped) I wouldn’t be bored.

Kubica is definitely a rising star (already risen?) in the thriller genre.  I love that she is local for me (her suburb is right next door to my suburb in Chicago) so she often uses local highways or familiar settings which is fun and adds to the creepy factor.  Also, her format is interesting.  The story follows two characters, Clara the wife in present time and Nick, the husband in the weeks leading up to the accident.  She used this same format in another novel of hers called The Good Girl.  Kubica does a nice job of weaving the two stories together while spinning the web into a cohesive story.

Without giving away too much, Kubica does do a nice job of throwing you off the truth by keeping you guessing.  Her characters are believable and though you might not make some decisions that the character’s do, she writes them in a way that you can sympathize with them.  Though I prefer to have all loose ends tied up at the end of a novel, some might enjoy the ambiguity of this ending.  If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller that will keep the pages turning, be sure to check out Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica!

My rating: 3 stars

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What are some of your favorite thrillers?  What makes a good thriller for you?