Little Women


Genre: Fiction, Classic

Summary:  Set in Civil War New England, Little Women is the story of the March family, particularly daughters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy.  While their father is away, they must endure the hardships of wartime and create their own adventures.  This beloved classic has been beloved by many for years.

Overhearing a conversation between bookworms, I became intrigued when one said she was reading a book that fit the season.  She said it made the reading experience a bit richer because you feel the chill of the wind and the snow.  So, for the season after New Years, I decided to do some investigating.  We had the month off from our book club and I wanted to try out a “seasonal” book.  One list suggested: Little Women.

This really was a perfect choice for me.  I had never read it, I owned a vintage copy that was my mother’s (or maybe my grandmother’s?) and it seemed the perfect book to cozy up with over the holiday, especially since the opening scene is Christmas Day.

I’ll admit, I don’t often choose classics or too many books older than 15 years.  Since I have started reading so widely (which I love!) I feel like there are just too many choices to “go backwards”.  But I do feel that winter is such a great time to consider moving out of our comfort zone in this way because the season seems to give us a bit more time to tackle books that may take more time or attention span.

One of the moods that struck me was the pure atmosphere of homeyness that is created in the story.  Though you feel the needs around them and the sacrifices made during war time, the March family becomes immediately endearing because of their devotion and love for each other.  I am certain this is one of the major reasons for its popularity.

There were also moments where I chuckled out loud for their blunt honesty (Meg: “I’m so fond of luxury.”) and very true analysis of the human condition (Jo: She had cherished her anger till it grew strong, and took possession of her, as evil thoughts and feelings always do, unless cast out at once.).  The deep commitment to honor and family and kindness were a beautiful theme woven throughout.

Finally, this lovely book had moments that reminded me how far we’ve come!  (Marriage without parent approval?!?)  Lack of game-playing in courtship.  Purely sensible living: “It’s not half so sensible to leave legacies when one dies as it is to use the money wisely while alive, and enjoy making one’s fellow creatures happy with it.”

Heartwarming, lovely and classic, you will not be disappointed when you pick this up.


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  1. It was definitely mine AND I actually read it which is remarkable because sadly I did not become a reader until much later! What a waste of many years. Now I think, so many books so little time!

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