New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year, Friends!

It has been a WHILE.  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have known that my computer decided to have a major tantrum and stop working for a couple weeks.  Then, it took a healthy amount of time to get back to me.  So here we are, well into 2018.  How are those resolutions going??


Well, maybe you are 10 days into your Whole30 (that’s great!) or you’ve been to the gym quite a bit this week (way to go!).  Personally, I never make resolutions because I don’t ever follow through.  But it wasn’t until recently that I realized why.  Resolutions are waaaaay to open ended for me.

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I have a distinct memory from college that helped me understand this better.  Being your typical first born, I was a diligent and focused student.  Never wanting to disappoint a professor or teacher,  my work was handed it in and on time.  But, I was a great procrastinator as well.

One Saturday in college I was moaning about starting work on some paper due Monday and my friend looked at me and said, “Katherine, have you ever NOT turned in a paper?  Have you ever turned in a paper late?”  to which I replied a quiet no.  “Well, then you know it will get done.  You can do it now or later, but you know eventually it will get done.”

As the truth of that settled in, I realized that it wasn’t the paper that was going to motivate me, but the deadline.  I need a deadline!  (I also know this isn’t a revolutionary concept, but it made so much more sense why resolutions weren’t successful for me.)

The deadline is what makes crash diets successful.  “I just need to lose 20 pounds in the next 6 hours.”   The deadline is what makes credit card companies so successful.  We don’t like to plan ahead, delay gratification or put in little bits of effort over a long period of time.  We want results NOW!

When I realized this about myself, I began to look at goals and resolutions a bit differently.  New year, new goals.  So, I do have a few goals for 2018.  Some are simple, some ridiculous and some ambitious.  There are personal ones, some for my kids and some for our home.  Here are a few ideas for you to consider and maybe you can join me as I will set deadlines for myself.  Follow along on Instagram as I set a new goal including a deadline.  You will be my accountability 🙂


ONE//  If you have a spouse and/or kids, do you have a will, living trust or power of attorney?  Honestly, this one sat on our to do list for a really long time.  We still have one last component to tie up, but I feel so much better knowing that it is done.  I know these are hard conversations and not fun to talk about.  The excuses for not doing it are plentiful.  BUT.
Both of our families have seen the significant damage that can happen when you don’t have things in writing.  Our lawyer reminded us that this is always adjustable and changeable.  If we want to change the guardians in five years, we can.  If we want to change the trustee, we can at any time.  Now, changes can cost money, but they can always be made.  Trust me, you will be glad you crossed this one off your list in 2018.

TWO// Do you have any boxes in your basement/storage room/shed/parent’s basement holding personal belongings you are struggling to part with?  Personally, this one is old teaching supplies for me.  Teaching for eight years (in three different schools) created a lot of memories and materials.  I took great pride in my work and the curriculum I created.  However, at this time I don’t see myself back in the classroom and should I decide to go back, these supplies will likely be outdated.  It might be time to designate, donate and toss.

THREE// Anyone drowning in digital photos?  Anyone get notices that your phone has run out of storage because your photos and videos take up too much space?  Thankfully I feel pretty good about my photos being automatically uploaded to Shutterfly, but there they sit.  I love photos and having albums to look at with my kids so my goal is to at least get my youngest her baby book (one photo per month for the first year of life) and at least 2017 done.
Quick tip: Start with your most recent photos.  Your memory is better and you won’t get so bogged down feeling sad about how much time has passed.  Once you are on a roll, move backward because you’ll be more motivated to get the book done rather than dwell on how much has changed.

FOUR// Does anyone have a room or system in their home that has just never quite worked?  Maybe you have a room that looks eerily similar to the week you moved in…and you’ve been here almost seven years.  (Oh, I’m looking at you living/dining room!)
Maybe your entry from the garage has a closet, but it is tiny and nearly useless for lack of storage.  Maybe your bathroom needs some rearranging to accommodate better space for things you use on a daily basis.  Take note of what part of your day makes you the most frustrated and see if you can solve the problem by rearranging/purging/repurposing/redecorating.

FIVE//  Lastly, consider planning something FUN for yourself!  I saved this one for last because sometimes these goals or (stupid) resolutions can be so very *adult*.  A lot of these things feel mundane, but we also get to choose the fun we can have too!
Have you always dreamed of going to Hawaii (hands raised very high)?  Maybe that isn’t in your budget, but maybe you could swing a long weekend somewhere new?  For me, at least, I love planning new places to visit.  For us, I would like to start dreaming about our 10th wedding anniversary in about 18 months.  That would be a good amount of time to save, budget, plan and execute.  I have a few ideas, but where would you suggest we go??

Do you have any goals for 2018?  Are you good at executing them without deadlines?  What motivates you to accomplish your goals?