Sixty-Four Restaurant and Wine Bar: A Review

When your town gets a new restaurant, everyone gets pretty excited.  My actual address sits in a pretty small suburb of Chicago, (we have less than 75,000 and next door just about doubles that number) so we like to take advantage of all of its benefits.

Recently the downtown area has been adding quite a bit of new storefront, restaurants and more walkways along the water.  Downtown Naperville is already known for good shopping, restaurants and a beautiful Riverwalk with brick-lined paths along the water.  One of our favorite family activities is grabbing an ice cream cone and people-watching as it seems the entire town comes out on a beautiful night.

Basement goals

So, when we heard that there was a new wine bar in town we were excited to try it out.  Sixty Four Wine Bar is appropriately named because they offer 64 wines by the glass every day.  There are free-standing kiosks in the center of the restaurant and dispense a bit like soft drinks (though in a bit more glamorous machines).  You have the option of three pour sizes (and prices), a taste, a half glass and a full glass.  The variety of wines and price points was varied which was appreciated.  They do change their wines fairly frequently so you feel anxious to come back and try others.

We decided to start with an appetizer, Crispy Calamari with Spicy Thai Basil and Sweet Peppers.  I tend to think of calamari as greasy and not very flavorful but these were excellent.  I think the Thai flavors paired excellently and the calamari was perfectly cooked.

Next we ordered the cheese plate served with green apples, mango jam, blue cheese marshmallow and crackers.  We chose the Drunken Goat (Spain) and the Barber’s Reserve Cheddar (England).  Though everything tasted good, I wished the cheese had come out in much thicker slices or cubes so I could better taste the cheese.  Because it was so thin, I felt like it was hard to actually taste it.

Finally, we ordered the Angus Burger with Red Onion Chutney and Smoked Maple Cheddar Cheese.  (I’m so bummed I forgot a photo of this!)  This burger was excellent, perfectly cooked.  We split everything so we could try lots of different things.

Overall I really enjoyed the food and the wine was fun and interactive though I wasn’t overly excited by anything I tasted.  Because rose is so popular, there were a lot of choices for that and limited choices for other varietals.  I think this would be a fun place for Girls Night Out or Bridal Showers or Couples.  When searching for a great bottle of wine as a gift, I certainly will return for the selection alone.

To check out their menu and wine varieties visit their website here.

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